How Digital Entertainment is Growing in Popularity

Digital Entertainment and media are seen as one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today and for a good reason. Entertainment has always been at the forefront of profitable activities and relaxation. Going out to see movies, playing games, going out for other entertainment factors are all now growing into the form of digital entertainment.

With technology becoming more advanced in today’s life, it’s not surprising that entertainment is also making the shift into the digital world and thriving once again.

Streaming is at the Top

Streaming is at the Top - How Digital Entertainment is Growing in Popularity

Streaming is one of the top grosses in entertainment nowadays. The sector makes millions of dollars of revenue each month and surpasses the success of many international films and TV companies operating for years.

New companies are starting each year with Spotify, Netflix, Apple TV+ and many more, making headlines for their success and creating their own branded shows and movies, reaching positive reviews from critics.

The Start of It All

To Start of it All - How Digital Entertainment is Growing in Popularity

With digital entertainment relying on subscription fees and advertising efforts, the technical side also brings more profits into the industry. People want faster Wi-Fi for streaming, more data for downloads and streaming, and HD TVs or screens for better viewing pleasure. The whole industry is making waves with people spending their money on being ‘digitally entertained’.

Digital entertainment keeps us updated on all the latest news and happenings worldwide. Since the popularity of digital entertainment, documentaries and news sights have seen a spike in viewers and provide something different from the standard tabloid news we have been accustomed to.

Everything is Going Digital

Digital Marketing - How Digital Entertainment is Growing in Popularity

Since 2020 when the pandemic reared its destruction on the world, entertainment has been the sole factor in keeping people positive, glued to screens, and entertained through a stressful time. But even before the pandemic, everything was slowly changing to online practices.

TV on demand is a great example. The industry is estimated to reach over AU$501 million in the next three years, followed by steaming, which is forecasted to reach up to 2. 3 billion.

Film and TV is not the only part of the entertainment that seems to be thriving online, with many musical apps and sites also making headlines for high profits and growth in recent years, including Spotify and Bandcamp.

With digital entertainment, it’s easy to stay entertained and informed on all the latest insights into the world.