Digital Entertainment in a Theatrical Sense

Digital Theatre is a hybrid form of art. It mainly gains strength from theatres’ ability to facilitate creative human imagination and connections with digital technology. Digital technology can extend the reach of communication visually with art in theatre and has become one of the most favourable digital art forms and entertainment in recent years.

Digital theatre events take place all around the web and are primarily identified by the use of ‘’live’’ performers and digital media being incorporated into the mix. Streaming of live theatre is an example of a theatre piece being performed live without any actual audience but instead having the audience as streamers.

Digital Entertainment in Pandemic - Digital Entertainment in a Theatrical Sense

This was mainly incorporated into digital media throughout the covid pandemic and became the only way for the public to see live performances. Renowned artists, including musicians, started to do smaller versions on rooftops and other destinations worldwide and stream it live.

The clarification of using the terms ‘’live’’ is more digital as you would find a digital album or DVD that has been part of digital entertainment for many years. But theatre never really had the break as it was seen as something which could not be felt the same way as watching it live.

Digital entertainment is not defined through the presence of one type of technology configuration or platform. Instead, it has flexible characteristics that use real-time processes to show a live happening at the moment of its performance and not to watch later on.

Although digital theatre is not known that well, it had had an exciting presence spanning since the 1980s when video, satellites, and even fax machines were used to create art and performance in a digital sense. It was considered as being art, performance, and technological.

There are many ways in which digital theatre can be seen and performed. Still, the majority see it as live streaming of performances simultaneously and has become popular with many theatre lovers worldwide.