Digital Entertainment Explained

Digital entertainment applies to most aspects of joy in the current century. There are many examples to use when wanting to explain exactly what it is, and these examples start from streaming and social media, podcasts, and gaming. With entertainment usually seen as a series or a movie, it’s also about information and information about everything happening in the world today.

When looking at the examples of digital entertainment, we can see that digital entertainment is changing into the overall entertainment sector that we are all experienced with. Although there is still natural entertainment, such as cinemas, theatres, and live performances, digital entertainment is becoming the norm worldwide.

The digital era comes with many new media transmission methods, devices, and platforms to use.

Here we look at some of the different types of Digital Entertainment.

Social Media

Social Medias - Digital Entertainment Explained

Social media has become the central hub for businesses and brands worldwide to advertise and market themselves. But it also got a great deal of entertainment. Social media examples can be seen as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Mainly used for communicating with other people, it has involved large videos, literature, news, and podcasts.

Video and Audio

Video and Audio 1 - Digital Entertainment Explained

The most well-known types of digital entertainment, video and audio, have always been the most popular and well-understood forms of entertainment. Some of the most popular video and audio entertainment companies include Netflix, Youtube, Spotify, and Tidal. Digital radio stations, podcasts and audiobooks are also becoming more popular, showing just how old fashioned and forgotten entertainment is making a new way into the modern and digital entertainment sector.


Advertising has been part of entertainment since video advertising became a thing. When the internet started, pop up ads, and autoplay ads were seen as the main types of advertising. But it soon became a nuisance, and nobody wanted to use it anymore. Now advertising is used similarly by working with other brands, restores, and affiliate marketers to advertise products in a meaningful and informative manner.

Literature and News

Literature and News 1 - Digital Entertainment Explained

Literature and news are now found to be active in almost all factors of digital entertainment and is one of the most critical aspects of learning and staying up to date on the latest happenings in the world.

These forms of digital entertainment are still growing each day and making new waves in different industries worldwide.